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Because transmission fluid loses viscosity eventually, flushing your transmission fluid routinely may lengthen the life of the transmission itself and avoid some transmission complications.

What It Does

Transmission fluid coats and shields the gears in the transmission. This coating can help prevent too much wear and slipping of the gears. Therefore, it is important that a transmission fluid flush is completed every 30,000 miles.

Why Service is Important

Transmission fluid loses effectiveness in time. Changing your transmission fluid at normal intervals may lengthen the life of the transmission and protect against particular transmission troubles.

Transmission Repair Protects the Life of Your Car

Have your transmission checked if:

  • Your automobile won't move

  • Difficulty shifting gears

  • Transmission appears to be sliding

  • Transmission is abnormally loud

  • Seeping transmission fluid (magenta tinted and sweet smelling)

  • Grinding noises when shifting gears

  • Problems with the clutch

  • Check Engine light is on

Throughout a transmission flush:

  • We drop the transmission pan and flush old fluid

  • We change the fluid and transmission filter

  • Inspect for indicators of wear, damages, or corrosion

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